Lonedream Anarchy

Lonedream is Anarchy, but outside Minecraft is different.

Our Policy:

Lonedream is Anarchy, but there are still ways to be banned.

The server is Anarchy. Short of intentionally harming the performance of the server and chat spamming (this is purely because it is linked to the Discord), the Minecraft server side of Lonedream is a place where you can do literally almost anything. The server side restrictions are similar to those of 2b2t. However, outside of the actual Minecraft server, things are different. Outside of the server, you are expected to be respectful. This applies to places such as the Discord server, and other public social platforms. You may express yourself as you wish in private conversations, but communal chatrooms need to be a safe place. The following are ways to be banned:

  • Bullying in Lonedream's communal chatrooms

  • Spamming, advertising, and blackmailing

  • Racial discrimination in the discord server

  • Intentional sabotage of Lonedream

  • ANY illegal activity within Lonedream's juristiction. This includes actions such as software piracy. You will be subject to the laws of your local municipality, and lawbreakers will be reported to the appropriate authorities if at all traceable.

  • The encouragement of suicide. We take lives very seriously. Although this falls within the rules of bullying, this was given its own separate section for additional emphasis.

  • Security breaches of all kinds will not be tolerated. This includes entering secure accounts used by the admins, or leaking the personal information of ANY user. Everyone is protected.

  • Users can still be banned for activities that occur outside of Lonedream's realm. If the admins consider you a threat for actions you have taken outside Lonedream, you can still be banned. This is to discourage criminals from joining. This rule is subjective to the admins, but be assured that our team must vote to take this action. Toxicity (as long as it doesn't conflict with the other rules) is ALLOWED. We cannot ban you for your personality.

Rules may be added or removed at any time without notice. Kicks may be used as warning, while bans may follow for repeat offenses. We encourage referencing this page before taking actions you believe may conflict with our policy.

Not reading the rules is NOT an excuse for breaking them. Bans may apply to any platform, including the Minecraft server.