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ItzSergioCobra Kits

The first ItzSergioCobra Kit. It started the most popular line of kits in Lonedream's history. Exceedingly rare, there are likely less than 10 in circulation.

The second ItzSergioCobra Kit. It was the first ItzSergioCobra kit designed to be sold at retail. It was sold for a limited time at the CPK base "Antarctica." There are likely 25+ in circulation.

The third ItzSergioCobra Kit. It was built as an upgrade to the mk2. Selling more than its predecessor, there are likely 50+ in circulation.

The fourth ItzSergioCobra Kit. Hoping to cash in on his popular series, it was mostly a rebranded mk3 with minor improvements. It was the first kit to have outsourced production. There are likely 60+ in circulation.

The fifth ItzSergioCobra Kit. It was concieved in the waning days of Antarctica's existance. Only a few prototypes were built before the entire base was destroyed. Luckily, two prototypes were saved by Sangupark during the evacuation, and were later mass produced. They are still extremely sought after, over a year after their creation. 120+ in circulation.

A series of 3 kits, this model was also only barely completed by Antarctica's destruction. A rebranded Metalflag god kit, only a few prototypes made it out, and were never mass produced. >10 in existance.

A kit for new and low ranking CPK members, it was a low cost model that could be given as an incentive for new members. A competitor to the CPK STARTER KIT, it failed to see as wide adoption. ~20 in circulation.

''Some of the items in the kits might have been a little bit random but I never got any comments asking why I put them in, a small part of me wonders why''

  • ItzSergioCobra

Official CPK Kits

The CPK STARTER KIT was a kit for new players, based around items that would be required for standard CPK training. Created by Sangupark and approved by the Phoenix Council, it was also used as a low cost collateral for players to join. 70+ in circulation.

The Phoenix Council approved the creation of this kit as competition to the ItzSergioCobra line, in order to avoid a monopoly. It was moderately successful, but never used much outside the CPK. There are likely >20 in active circulation, but much more in old CPK stashes.

The poggers box was created shortly after the discovery of the 1.16 fabric dupe. It was distributed in large quantities to Phoenix members as a reward for their service. As a result of these kits, dragon eggs are now commonplace. These kits are likely now only present in old CPK stashes.

The CPK Supply Crates were used for various purposes, ranging from combat to base building. They were distributed only to various CPK bases for communal use. There are an unknown amount in existance.

The red wings airforce kit was a collection of pre-enchanted and named elytras, designated for CPK use. While they were distributed in fair quantities, most made their way into private use.

Privately Made Kits

Named for the legendary early player "JofallT" (although probably not made by him), this kit was aimed for the aspiring griefer. It contains all the essentials for destroying any structure. The manufacturer is currently unknown, although large quantities made it into the hands of Tetra, and select members of the CPK.

JetCee's All-you-need Kit was an early Antarctic era kit that was likely made primarily as a test for the newly discovered dupe. It predates the CPK and Cobra kits by some time, although there is little evidence that these were sold commercially. They are exceedingly rare, and the current specimins were only discovered in the ruins of old bases.

Created by TB800Lukas during his job as the mayor of Antarctica, excess totems were collected, renamed, and stored in shulkers for duplication. Several incomplete units can be located at various abandoned CPK bases.

Metalflag's god kit is the combination of 3 shulkers into 1 package of mass destruction. Created during the late Antarctic era, they were never widely distributed. No complete sets are known to exist, other than examples of the ItzSergioCobra knock-offs.

This kit (which the name of remains unclear), may have been produced only as prototypes, or a limited production run. Unlike most other kits, this model was most likely created under the last couple months of the CPK/TETRA War. Believed to be handmade and use rebranded CPK supplies, this was not created by anyone associated with the CPK. It is instead believed to be a TETRA creation, issued in limited quantities to their followers.

Cookies Kits is an Antarctic era kit that was hugely popular at the time. These were sold in large quantities in a Cookies Kits store located on the main road of Antarctica. While a huge amount were made, they were rarely seen after the fall of Antarctica. It is believed that most survived the destruction of Antarctica however, and survived as cargo in Sangupark's evacuation of supplies on a redstone freighter. However, the machine is believed to have crashed while not under supervision. The location of the freighter, and all of Antarctica's riches, remain unknown. The freighter's wreckage and its cargo are often referred to as the "Antarctic Treasure." There were an estimated 200+ kits made.

This kit, originating with the ACW, was a modified "SmashedNuts Kit." It never saw widespread adoption, and all examples were lost to Lonedream's data loss when the map was restored to a month before this was concieved. This kit was previously thought lost, but this image was provided courtesy of player TB800Lukas.