Lonedream Anarchy

The ONLY Java/Bedrock compatible 1.19 Anarchy Server! CHAT REPORTING DISABLED!

Over 9500 Unique Players Joined!

Looking for our Minecraft Server?

Type "mc.Lonedream.org" into your server connection menu (Java Edition 1.19)

We recommend reading our Policy

Playing on Minecraft Bedrock/PE? Have no fear! As long as you have access to a Java account, you can join through your game console, or even your phone!

First, press the "Add Server" button at the bottom of your servers menu. You can then type in the address "mc.Londream.org" (without the quotes). You must then change the port to "25569" (again without the quotes). Once connected, you will be asked to verify your account details. (Note: External Browser Verification appears to be the only reliable method). Viola! You can now join through any device that supports Bedrock!

Want to join our Discord Server?

Go to https://discord.gg/aJN6QMVb8V

Members must agree with Discord's terms of service, be above the age of 13, and follow the rules of the server. Remember, while the Minecraft server is anarchy, the Discord is not. The release of personal information, threats of violence, and other actions similar are strictly forbidden.

Want/Found a Kit?

Go to our Kits Catalog to find out what you want, or what you have.

Found a kit that's undocumented? Share your findings on the Discord Server!

Found a Faction?

Learn about the history of Lonedream's major factions in the Factions page.

Started your own faction? Share your group in the Discord Server!