Lonedream History

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Major Factions

The length and content of each description varies with the availibility of information. The differences in size and detail are because of the single perspective from which these were written. Bias may be present, although contributions which help to eliminate it are appreciated. Additional information can be contributed on the discord.


The CPK was a faction founded in the fall of 2020. Concieved of by players AtomicWarlock and AndyBrawler, it had a quick rise of popularity. The acronym stands for "Communist Party Klan," likely homage to the former Soviet Union. History of the CPK is not well documented until the founding of Los Angelgrad, where the membership grew exponentially. It was there that several historic moments occured. Players Jaeger, Shatter55, and Sangupark joined during the time of Los Angelgrad. These three players and AtomicWarlock were eventually formed into the Phoenix Council, which had almost complete control of Lonedream for a period of 1.5 years. During the period, Lonedream's seed was discovered, a resource which the CPK continued to exploit for the rest of its existence.

The CPK reached the height of its popularity during the winter of 2020-2021, when it opened Antarctica. This is partially due to the discovery of a dupe during this period, which resulted in a huge number of kits and other resources being produced. Even Phoenix members flocked to the base, creating homes and claiming plots of land. Despite the communist nature of the CPK, free commerce was widespread, with dedicated stores for various kits and items. Antarctica was ultimately destroyed by a disgruntled CPK member, who announced his allegiance to Tetra by destroying the base. There was warning of the grief by CPK intelligence however, and members were evacuated before the destruction. Sangupark oversaw the transport of valuables out of Antarctica using a redstone flying machine turned freighter. It was transporting a large quantity of kits, and valuable items. However, it, and most of the items on it, were lost. If someone finds it today, they will have enough supplies to fuel an entire faction.

The CPK's fall was a slow one. Dragged down by the lengthy war against TETRA, the CPK resorted to backdooring the server to produce illegal items. Bedrock, end portal frames, illegal enchantments, and items with illegal properties were all produced and weaponized. This included the development of the Thermonuclearius, a gold sword with illegal levels of enchantments. A reverted example is shown on the image to the left. These had enchantments to at the 16bit integer limit, making them instantly kill any entity they come into contact with. The CPK also developed a "nuke," which was a thrown item such as a snowball or egg, with huge explosive power. Multiple of these nukes were used on the spawn region, resulting in the current landscape. TETRA fell during the spring of 2021, a result of their final stronghold being leaked by a traitor within their ranks, and destroyed. However, with infinite power and no adversary to fight, members of the CPK began to lose interest and slowly log off permanently. The CPK officially fell when AtomicWarlock relinquished his rule in early 2022, although it was functionally dead much before then. Ruins of the many CPK bases and stashes are scattered throughout the map. An unknown amount of item stashes and bases still exist intact. Within these abandoned structures, illegals may still exist, although they will be functionally useless unless a bypass is found to the current illegals preventing plugin.


TETRA was founded in the fall of 2020, by a player named "TheKatDev." A disgruntled CPK member, he founded the group after destroying Los Angelgrad. His group's primary focus was the destruction of the CPK. While it never quite reached the same membership levels as the CPK, it attracted players that wished to end the reign of the CPK, which they viewed as oppressive, or enjoyed the destruction the group often caused. While very few (if any) major bases were built by TETRA, a number of small outposts were built. TETRA mainly focused on decentralized guerrilla warfare, supplying itself with stolen CPK supplies, and other scavenged material. During Lonedream's decline in popularity, TETRA fell as a result of declining membership and motivation.

Tetra's documentation is limited due to the secrecy and demeanor of former members of the group. The second longest lasting Lonedream faction, it deserves a larger section.


The following descripton (in white) was written by member TB800Lukas:

acw or allahs chosen warriors was a group founded by atomic and smashed (they became allies later due to tetra disbanding and a common enemy which eliminated tensions between the two) and due to cpk becoming irrelevant and inactive, one other active cpk member joined but left some time later, the goal was to give a hard time to itzsergiocobra and his friends and expel them from the server by spawnkilling, griefing, bullying etc. acw was able to defeat them with relative ease and they moved to another anarchy server (yeti anarchy) and acw followed them but thats not relevant since its not lonedream anymore, anyways acw (at least the discord) was founded september 5th 2021 and i (lukas) would join 5 hours after it was founded, acw would have its golden age in the first few months of its founding, they made custom kits, and after defeating cobra and his allies on yeti anarchy itzsergiocobra took a break from anarchy servers, lonedream was already in the middle of its dark age with illegals everywhere and atomic still holding residual admin powers (not gonna tell you how he still had admin, if you know you know). sven, the owner at the time was not doing much to combat illegal items and that allowed illegals to be duped and spread across the server (mostly cpk and acw, because atomic u know). people started to quit lonedream and acw quickly became inactive due to them achieving their only goal and the server not having anyone really playing on it anymore. new owners (sangu and blue) replaced jimmy (ik its atomic but shh) after he gave away his owner to them, atomic felt like lonedream isnt worth his time anymore and quit the server, but is still the owner of acw, although inactive. the kits acw made have been mostly lost to time due to the rollback and nobody active enough to save acw kits, maybe ill provide you with screenshots i might have taken of them, although smashed and lukas dont fight cobra under the black banner of acw, the acw still lives but is not heard of much outside of the 3 original members.

The ACW is currently inactive. Much of its history was lost in a massive data loss, for the map had to be restored to an earlier backup. It is linked to the destruction of several bases, including the fabled "Project Phoenix" of the CPK. As with many factions, much of its supplies are old CPK surplus. Cookie Kits, along with other Antarctic Era kits have been spotted in use with this group. They may also posses a prototype ItzSergioCobra MK.5 kit. A specialized kit was developed for this faction, but was lost to the data loss. However, it was described as a modified "SmashedNuts Kit."

This description was not edited, and thus may contain grammatical or spelling errors.


UPIR (United Partygoers Republic) is one of multiple factions born out of the ashes of the CPK and Tetra. These include several CPK holdout factions, the ACW, and UPIR. Founded by player ItzSergioCobra, it was active after the fall of the CPK, and subsided on mostly salvaged CPK material. It was entagled in conflict with the ACW, one which it struggled against, but ultimately didn't fall to. Founded in the waning days of the CPK, it retained support from some players who were displaced by the conflict. Officially formed on Mother's Day 2021, it eventually found residence in an abandoned TETRA outpost. Now situated in an undisclosed location, UPIR has few active members. The faction is currently in an idle or inactive state.